Manufactures and Marketing of Lab Equipments and Test & Measuring Instruments

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Civil Engineering Department


  1. Compression Testing Machine
  2. Humidity Testing Chamber
  3. Muffle Furnace
  4. Vibrating Machine
  5. Cement Autoclave
  6. Blain Air Permeability Apparatus
  7. Length Comparator
  8. Vicat Needle Apparatus
  9. Le Chatelier Moulds
  10. Shrinkage Bar Moulds
  11. Cement Testing Sieves
  12. Gauging Trowel


  1. Aggregate Impact Testing Apparatus
  2. Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
  3. Deval Abrasion Testing Machine
  4. Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine
  5. Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
  6. Air Entrainment Meter
  7. Aggregate Jaw Crusher
  8. Sieve Shaker
  9. Buoyancy Balance
  10. Density Basket
  11. Aggregate Length Gauge
  12. Aggregate Thickness Gauge
  13. Aggregate Test Sieves
  14. Bulk Density Measure
  15. Riffle Sample Divider


  1. California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus
  2. Consolidation Test Apparatus
  3. Direct Shear Apparatus
  4. Grain Size Analysis Apparatus
  5. Universal Permeability Apparatus
  6. Triaxial Shear Apparatus
  7. Liquid Limit Apparatus
  8. Plastic Limit Apparatus
  9. Standard Penetration Test Apparatus
  10. Proctor Compaction Apparatus
  11. Unconfined Compression Tester
  12. Automatic Universal Compactor
  13. Soil Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
  14. Hydraulic Extractor Frame
  15. Universal Extractor Frame
  16. High Speed Soil Stirrer
  17. Gyratory Sieve Shaker
  18. Proctor Penetrometer
  19. Rapid Moisture Meter
  20. Cone Penetrometer
  21. Soil Pycnometer
  22. Soil Sampling Auger


  1. BOD Incubator
  2. COD Digestion Apparatus
  3. Flocculator
  4. Hot Air Oven
  5. Humidity Chamber
  6. Laminar Air Flow
  7. Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
  8. Laboratory Autoclaves
  9. Rotary Flask Shaker


  1. Bitumen Compactor
  2. Bitumen Penetrometer
  3. Benkelman Beam Apparatus
  4. Marshal Stability Apparatus
  5. Pensky Marten Flash Point Apparatus
  6. Softening Point Apparatus
  7. Viscometer Apparatus
  8. Centrifuge Extractor
  9. Core Drilling Machine
  10. Ductility Testing Machine
  11. Film Stripping Machine
  12. Kinematic Viscosity Bath
  13. Thin Film Oven


  1. Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
  2. Tile Flexure Testing Machine
  3. Vibrating Table
  4. Accelerated Curing Tank
  5. Vee Bee Consistometer
  6. Concrete Flow Table
  7. Cube Testing Machine
  8. Concrete Mixer
  9. Compaction Factor Apparatus
  10. Concrete Permeability Apparatus
  11. Slump Test Apparatus
  12. Concrete Beam Moulds
  13. Concrete Cube Moulds
  14. Concrete Cylindrical Moulds
  15. Needle Vibrator
  16. Vibratory Hammer
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